How to earn money online 2021. 8 बेहतरीन तरीके से पैसा कमाए .

In Today daily life all people need make money online and they want to satisfy their own needs. 

Money is the best things to change life. Many people ready do any things for earning money. 

Some people work hard to make money but some people do smart work and earn money online. In this article we will discuss about 8- easy way to earn money online 2021.

‘How to earn money online 2021’ every one people want to know about this topics. So if you read this articles carefully line by line then you also make money online in easy way.

Some Easy Way To Earn Money Online 2021

How to earn money online 2021. 8 बेहतरीन तरीके से पैसा कमाए .

1  Online Teaching

In India, when corona pandemic started then all collage, school, coaching, institute, university and many educational platform all are closed due to pestilence disease. 

All collage and school students stay at home. But offline classes are closed so all students are shifted in online mode educational students.  

Online mode of education demands is very increase but many teachers do not face camera so many teachers are regular teaching with student’s ad they attract with students in virtual way. 

In lockdown you can start teaching in online by many educational platforms – such as YouTube, Google, video call meeting, zoom etc. 

one of the easy way to teach online  by YouTube application, because millions of people are working here as a teacher and many other professional works.

If you want to start teaching in YouTube then you need to create a new YouTube channel in free. YouTube is free platform for everyone. 

So you can start and teach in this platform as teachers.

If your video is watched by more times an hours, then you earn much money. According to YouTube policy you need complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch times.

Now next platform for teaching

Vedantu , unacedmy, bijus and many online teaching platform so you can join and earn money in online mode.

As your qualification you earn much money by teaching students. If you are experienced in this field then you stand own teaching platform. You can go now –

2.  Blogging

Blogging is very super way to earn money online without zero rupees investment. 

Many of people work from home and earn money by different way such as youtube channel, blogging, content writer, photo editing, games etc 

blogging is very best way those people have no money. Many of business, organization and services closed in today situation. 

Blogging is the way to write articles and post in Google. If your post is more high content then your post is also ranked in Google first pages. 

Blogging is way to earn money online 50k per month. This is the best opportunity to start blogging. 

You need some knowledge to start blogging such as content writing, articles writing, image, link building, interlinking etc.

Blogger is the platform to start blogging. Beginner’s people is also started with blogger. 

After some days  you expert in blogging and earn money online then you can shift in paid platform for blogging.

Blogger is the free platform which provided by Google. Blogging is the one of the best platform to make money online.

3.   YouTube    

YouTube is the biggest platform to make money online. If you have knowledge in any fields the you should start a new channel in 2021. 

Don’t worry YouTube channel create in free by using mobile or laptop device. YouTube is best resource to earn money online. 

Many of people earn money by YouTube. They started with zero investment but now days those people become famous and earn money.

The people which work in YouTube is known as you tubers. Some things needed to create a youtube channel 2021.

A. A. Mobile number
B. Gmail account
C.  o.t.p
D. Unique name
E.  Categories choose

 Some skills needed before start a YouTube channel in 2021
·      Video editing
·      Thumbnail editing
·      s.e.o
·      Good quality mobile with mic
·      Passions


4.   Social media marketing

Social media such as Facebook, whatsapp, instagram and telegram etc. these are big platform you can earn money online. 

If you have Facebook pages and huge numbers of followers in Facebook so they can earn money by such ways 

like – promotion of another people products and services, story upload by and product and also earn by affiliate marketing.  

If you want to earn money online by social media then you can do it. First of all you need to create a Facebook pages and increase numbers of followers in Facebook pages.     

Social media marketing is best way to earn money in today many people like it and do it. 

Another way to earn money by social media supposes you create a telegram groups for educational purpose. 

You need to collect students in telegram groups. 

You can share daily question in telegram groups when numbers of students is increased then you can share any product link such as book link, 

any other study related materials. This is easy way to earn money in online 2021 without investment.


5.  Affiliate marketing

People which have own website or blog whose people start a affiliate marketing. You need zero money to start a new affiliate marketing. 

In affiliate marketing you can share product link in own website. The numbers of visitors increase in your website then your money more increase. 

You need to create a new affiliate account in many other programs. Such as amazon affiliate, flipkart affiliate, snap deal affiliate marketing.

Amazon is the largest affiliate marketing service. Many of people earn money by affiliate marketing. 

If you want to start affiliate marketing with amazon then you need to create affiliate marketing account and also participate in amazon affiliate marketing program. 

You much no need to skill in affiliate marketing because many of people have zero knowledge they start affiliate marketing. 

If you want to made expert in amazon affiliate marketing then you can do some course in online by free of cost. 

Suppose you pick a laptop link and laptop price is about 30k then you sell these laptop by own affiliate marketing, amazon instead give some commission for selling their products.

In this criteria affiliate marketing works, you can join any affiliate marketing platform and earn money online

6.  Freelancing

In today many of people want to do freelancing works and earn money online. The people which do freelancing works is known as freelancer. 

Freelancer means you do some works and client gives instead of some money according to your works. Freelancing is the part time job you can do it by home and office. 

You no need to much skill about freelancing. You start a freelancing work in zero investment 2021. 

In today freelancing work is more popular. Everyone do business part-time and sometime spend freelancing works at home.

Many people work from home as freelancer. If you are collage or school students, you can start freelancing works to earn pocket money.

Top freelancing website in world

  • 1.  Freelancer
  • 2.  Upworks
  • 3.  Guru
  • 4.  People per hours
  • 5.  Fiverr
  • 6.  Toptal

If you have some skill to start freelancing work

1. Data entry

2. Social media marketing

3. Microsoft office

4. Web designing

5. Website developer

6. Photo editing

7. Youtube seo

8. Content writer

9. Articles writer

   Affiliate marketing

11Digital marketing

BlBlogging job

If you have any types of knowledge in this field you start a freelancing works, freelancing works are online job. 

You can do it by own times. No any one head of you. You do in your free time and earn money online.

To be careful, you work in freelancing in own risk and always works in top freelancing website, because many of people work here and earn money. 

Don’t work in faulty company, which do work with you but no give money so always works in freelancing trusted company.

7.  Articles writing

Many of you tubers and blogging need a unique content so they find those people who write high quality content in your blog. 

Instead give money according to your working ideas. Articles writing are very easy way to earn money online. 

Content writers earn money daily according to his blog post. Some days ago one person message me instagram and they also find content writer. 

They ready to give payment of his blog post. So this method is very easy to make money online. If you have knowledge you can share with any one and earn money

8.  Website designing

If you know about how to design a new blogger and website then you can earn money online 2021. 

You also expert in website design if you know programing language such as JavaScript, c++, html coding, python etc all language is very necessary.


I think you understand how to earn money online in 2021. If you have any doubt you can tell me in comments section. I will try to give your answer is as soon as possible.

And many others ways to earn money online just like a smart works. In today all technology around us are very important to use them and earn money through it.

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