What Is The Impact of Technology On Human Ageing?

What Is The Impact of Technology On Human Ageing?
According to a research conducted by Department of Health Sciences, United States of America, people over 65 will account for over a quarter of the population. Over the course of our lifetimes, the number of older persons will increase, reaching 98 million by the end of the year 2060. Even by the assistance of online age calculator nowadays, you can immediately determine age of you and your dear ones in the current year and in the year 2060. If you may be alive till 2060, you will yourself notice how technology has impacted human ageing. 


Just a handful of the numerous new technologies that now influence and affect long-term services are listed below in this article. So let’s get through these!

Automated Care:

There are several robots in Japan that can help elderly people around the house or act as companions. Alzheimer's patients have been demonstrated to get calming effects Paro the robot seal. On the other hand, Honda’s Asimo autonomous robot can complete routine chores like providing meals for an elderly person and turning on and off lights. This robotics has really impacted on the longevity and age increase of these older public that can be analysed through the online free age calculator easily. 

Nowadays, USC’s Human-Robot Interaction Laboratory is testing socially helpful robots on senior citizens. With that, age calculator is also providing an edge in calculating the age of these people instantly that helps the laboratories in keeping the record in moments. 

Smart Homes:

The creation of smart houses and other gadgets is another way that contemporary technology could influence senior care. An elderly person may rely on different technologies in the house to take care of duties. These may include cooking, cleaning, and shopping like activities. For instance, a smart refrigerator may detect when there is no enough food and place an order for supplies from nearby supermarket or grocery shop. 

An older person can find it simple to allow in a family member or reliable caregiver without getting up and opening the door by using an application. But due to intense tech involvement in everyday activities, humans are lacking strength to perform various activities. This leads to age reduction that can be calculated by age calculator in a fragment of seconds.

Will Technology Lessen The Role of Humans?

Technology may never advance sufficiently to eliminate the need for human engagement in care. Gerontology is the study of ageing and the issues faced by elderly. It has depicted that tomorrow’s leaders with the knowledge and abilities to either provide proper care for senior citizens or work with businesses.

Wrapping It Up:

In this read, we had a discussion regarding influence of modern day technology on the lives of older people. Moreover, we have also highlighted the use of age calculator that is the best way to calculate age in this modern time. So if you want to calculate age of you, your friends, or any other elderly persons in your family, you may better subject to this age in months calculator.


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